Rocky Mountain Enduro Circuit

January 8, 2019

RE:       2019 RMEC Sponsorship Opportunities

To whom it may concern:

My name is Peter M. Anderson, the 2019 Rocky Mountain Enduro Circuit (RMEC) Advertising & Public Relations Coordinator.

RMEC is a Non-Profit [RMEC Non-Profit 501(c)(3) EIN is 20-3407168] Colorado-based enduro dirt bike racing organization, with both an adult and a large associated youth series. With a race season that lasts almost a full year (January to November) and events in 6 states, RMEC provides a lot of positive marketing exposure.  In 2019, RMEC increased its membership by over 35% to over 325 racing members!! !  RMEC races attract hundreds & hundreds of riders –some weekend races attract nearly 400 participants not including family and friends.  And 2019 is proving to be another incredible race season with Back to Basics Enduro races with 16 currently scheduled races.

For the 2019 race season, RMEC is increasing its exposure by holding 12 races for the Kid’s junior series.  We will again create our Yearly Race Poster with sponsors logos proudly displayed.  The 2019 Race Poster will be distributed to all dirt bike dealerships across Colorado.   In addition, RMEC will continue to have a Year End Banquet as a Dealer & Product Show first (where you can display your product/services offered to riders), before the awards ceremony.   In addition to your company having the ability to be included in the quarterly newsletter that is sent to over 1,000+ dirt bike riders, all RMEC yearly members will receive a membership card which will entitle riders to receive any discounts your company is willing to offer –your company’s discount offered to riders, if any, will be displayed in the RMEC Newsletter, on RMEC’s website and frequent Facebook posts.  *No discount on products/services is required to become an RMEC sponsor. 

The RMEC culture provides positive exposure for our sponsors for many months and across a wide spectrum of ages as well as locations.   The purpose of this letter is to offer your company an opportunity to promote its products/services to RMEC racers in Colorado and the surrounding StatesTo that end, attached is RMEC’s 2019 Sponsorship Program.  We are hopeful you will consider supporting local enduro dirt bike racing.  Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions whatsoever.   Together let’s make 2019 a Back to Basics Enduro racing season!   

Sincerely yours,

Peter M. Anderson

303 444 1505 Tel