RMEC 2014 Rule Changes:

Here are the 2014 RMEC Rule Changes. These changes were voted in at the annual RMEC Board of Directors and Promoters Meeting. Below you will find the important changes highlighted in red. As always, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO READ AND UNDERSTAND THE ENTIRE RULE BOOK. Please take ten minutes of your time and read it!

RMEC 2014 Rule Changes:
Section 1.4.7. The season will start January 1st and end December 31st of any calendar year. Points will be kept for all riders.
This rule has been removed - Section 1.5.4 A 1-day rider fee will cost $10 and will entitle the rider to participate in one event, but will not entitle the rider to RMEC publications or year-end circuit points.
This rule has been removed - Section 1.5.5 A yearly membership will entitle the member to receive all RMEC publications for that year and qualify the member for a year-end circuit award if earned, and provided the member has met the eligibility requirements.
Section 2.1.B.4.b Utilize the 15-minute protest period to clarify discrepancies – results after the Protest Period are final and cannot be changed.
Section 2.1.C.1. Addition of 45+ Class to the A,B and C Divisions. 4 Stroke Class has been removed.
Section 2.1.G.2. The rider’s score for the year will be the total of his/her best “N” events. The number of events “N” to be counted for points will be as follows: Count 60% of possible events and round up to next whole number.
Section 2.1.H.3. In order to be eligible for year-end points and awards, The deadline for earning eligibility is the last race of the season. A rider must compete in at least two points paying events within the current year’s schedule to be considered for a year-end trophy.
Section 2.1.I.3. Points will be kept for all riders.
Section 2.1.J.4. Worker points will be average of best three events. Section 2.1.J.9. Rider must ride four events before worker points apply.
Section 2.2.2.C All riders of the event must have a RMEC Yearly Membership or purchase a one-day membership.