2018 RMEC news update

The Fly Black Ops year end award jackets have arrived! (Including 2 for last year winners). They are Grey you  say? Unfortunately production ceased on the convertible black jackets from years prior. Embroidery next and we will get them out.

Registration and row reservations will open Jan 5th. Existing row holders will have 2 weeks to commit to there number again or it will be up for grabs.

Pasted below are the rule changes for the 2018 season.

Summary of RMEC Rider Rules changes for 2018:

The 200cc classes have been dissolved from all divisions.The displacement requirements for all 250 classes have been adjusted to incorporate the smaller displacement bikes.  Its is now 0—250cc’s.

We have created a new Semi-Pro class for rider’s under 23 years of age.   The Semi-Pro class is part of the A-Division and is intended to highlight the top young racers in the RMEC.  The Semi-Pro class will consist of the top 10 riders under the age of 23 from the previous race season.The Semi-Pro class will have the option of reserved row numbers, from 11B to 20B, but may choose a row number of their choice. Semi-Pro riders are subject to the same advancement requirements to the AA class as the other A-Divisions classes.  Semi-Pro class riders will run blue number backgrounds with white numbers. Participation in the Semi-Pro class is not mandatory. Riders must move to another class on their 23rd birthday.  Please plan accordingly at the beginning of the season.  

The fee for Rider’s to buy their eligibility has been increased from $100 to $500.

Since we have been holding the Annual Banquet earlier than in the past, year-end results will become final 30 days after the last race or 5 days before the banquet, whichever is sooner.

Protests are to be made in writing.  Hand written letters or notes and emails are acceptable methods for filing a protest; posting on social media is not a recognized method.  

Promoters Rules changes that may be of interest to the Riders:  

Promoters are required to have a minimum of 40 unique miles of terrain for the riders competing in the long-course classes (A and B divisions).  The Board may grant a variance for pre-existing events or for unique venues. In Restart events, each test must be between 4 and 12 miles in length.  A variance may be granted in unique circumstances.

Along with the Colored backgrounds being encouraged for the Semi-Pro class, I would eventually like to get to a consistent Class background colors for easy recognition of the division a racer is in. Listed below are the background colors that mimic AMA backgrounds. Again, this is not mandatory, but will be highly recommended for consistency and professional look for our series.

 C - Black w/ white #’s

 B - Yellow w/ black #’s

 A - White w/ black #’s

 Semi-Pro - Blue w/ white #’s

 AA - Red w/ white #’s

We will get this info to the news feed on the website as well.

Merry Christmas and Happy new year! see you all soon at the races.