Shady Burro Enduro

What a wild week we have just been through! I may have lost some years off my life.  
On Friday 6/29, the Forest Service notified me that they were reducing our # of allowed participants down to a level that was UNDER the number of riders we already had signed up. Obviously, there are a bunch of you out there who have not signed up yet, and I have been negotiating with them hard over the last 7 days. The allowed number has bounced around a bit, and as of yesterday, we are at 300 allowed. As of this morning we have about 265 signed up. It looks like there is a good chance the event will sell out PRIOR to race weekend. If so, we will start a waiting list. If you have not entered - get on it. If you are thinking about driving to the event and signing up on-site, you better text or email me to make sure there is a spot. or 303-304-9349.
We will refund your entry fee upon request up to July 31. After that there will be no refunds for any reason.
FWIW - there will be NO artificial obstacles on the course (as pictured). It is 100% natural, the way GOD intended it.