Jary Penney


"I was having a hard time sleeping tonight, so went into my morning part time place of work to get things in place since I won't be here for a bit. I know he has a lot of friends, most I know but many I don't since I've been a little out of the loop over the past few years.

I just wanted to say thank you for all the kind words and prayers that have been left here, motorcycles were my Dad's passion and if you knew him you saw that he was happiest on his motorcycle and loved them dearly.

He passed away doing what he loved and not a day will go by not thinking of him. We are doing ok, as good as we can be right now. I'll be sure to post or have someone post when I have service arrangements set.

RIP Dad.....I love you with all my heart and soul, not only were you my Dad but my best friend. I'm really not sure how to go on without you right now." 
- Bryan Penney

"The passing of Jary is a great loss to us all. To his family and close friends, my sincerest condolences.  You have lost a father, a husband a best friend a confidant and so much more. We can not share in your grief at your level, only can we offer our support and sympathies.

To the rest of us who knew him as a motorcycle rider/racer, we have to come to terms with the loss of a great friend of racing and an asset to our community. Even if you didn't know Jary, he probably helped you in some way.

Jary's love for dirt bikes was infectious. It's hard for me to know someone like Jary, a fifties year old family man, who is as excited and enthused about riding as a seventeen year old with a broken x-box and a yard to mow; and not feel better about what I do. If you're in your fifties and above and you're still out on your dirt bike racing, well, you're in a special club. I can only look up to those club members and  search for the clues on how to keep it going for a couple more decades. Jary was one of my inspirations that way. 

The other thing about Jary was that he was a giver to our sport. Many of us come and go, using what we can during our journey, but Jary was a guy who gave back and made it happen for others. 

Jary was a board member of the RMEC.......I can't even say for how long, I've only been around eight years,  so it's been longer than that. He along with his wife Vickie have produced the RMEC newsletter during that period, consistently giving of his time for the betterment of the RMEC. I can name plenty of instances of Jary giving something or helping another, but one in particular comes to mind. Once during conversation,  we were discussing and lamenting the loss of the Calamity Enduro due to the efforts of the forest service to throw every unreasonable demand they could think of at it until it died. It was mentioned at that time that the Walsenberg property could be available for an event. I'll never forget the look in Jary's eyes at hat moment; first off, you could literally see the light bulb pop out of his head and light up, then with the impatience and exitement of a puppy waiting for his food dish to be set on the floor, he was all over getting the contact info and making it happen. It takes a lot of volunteers to put on an Enduro, but if you ever rode the Cucharras event, you can thank Jary for getting the ball rolling. 

Godspeed Jary, your passing leaves a void in the lives of many, some who never even knew you. I for one am privileged to have known you and to have drawn some inspiration from you. I can't help but think you burned this final check...... it sure seems you left early." 
- George P.


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